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Steal My Sunshine by Len



Kelsey Q vs. The Holland Tunnel by Mallard from the album: Summer Tour 2011

my hands are becoming 
too weak to hold onto my own head 

i’m exhausted from telling 
myself that i really know nothing 

How Can Hip Hop Be Dead if Wu Tang is Forever? by Flowers Taped to Pens from the album: Nice To Meet You, I Hate You


How Can Hip Hop Be Dead if Wu Tang is Forever? // Flowers Taped to Pens

Its 2 am,

and i am just inches from the goddess,

from the devil

My Black Dog/Cosmic Being by Glocca Morra from the album: Just Married

And just then you let the sun in, and I stared at it for way too long


algernon cadwallader


algernon cadwallader




Old Turbo Run models


A arte e o humor bizarro de Joan Cornellà.



i hope i frustrate you and you think about me a lot

Hoods Up by Street Smart Cyclist



Street Smart Cyclist - Hoods Up

when i would talk talk talk
you were always there to listen
to everything i had to explain,
which would mean nothing at all.
and i thank you, i thank you for that.
and i love you, i love you for that